Saturday, June 18, 2016

try everything, build a website

update on 2016-7-10: I bought a domain name: and redirect to this blogger.

I am trying to build a website these days.

Steps for non-business personal website:

  1. The specialized website will suffice. Save tons of time, either construct from scratch or maintain to keep it updated. Why not just throw your photos in wechat timeline or facebook, handcraft your professional image on linked-in or google scholar?  Save your time for more creative things or have more fun.
  2. Some free webhost is also a good option. It's like hitchhike in popular website, but you still enjoy the freedom to customize your layout and add some featured links, photos, attachment, label, and so on. Examples of providers are,,, You will get upgraded service if you pay. 
Steps for business or organization website,which you get ultimate independece:
  1. buy domain name as soon as possible. They are actually very cheap if you are running a business. unoccupied domain name is only $10/year. Some fancy name cost more. Domain name registrar are,, A guide by is here. Alibaba also sells domain name and provide more information of who owns the domain to when.
  2. choose reliable webhost. Examples are, Some are as cheap as $4/month.
  3. built your website. I will explore some detailed knowledge in the future.
  4. make your website searchable by google. 

To conclude what I learned: don't blindly try everything. My time is limited. Ask myself, is the thing at my hand or fly in my mind important or necessary? If not, set it aside, I need to focus on the important things I have planned ahead.