Friday, August 12, 2016

IPND, graduation & final reflection survey

I spend about 2 weeks to finish this nanodegree.  I learned a lot ~

14. What do you now want to do with these new skills and your Nanodegree in hand?

try to get a job and apply these skills.

15. How have the skills you learned in the Nanodegree program made you a better candidate for a career in your desired field?

It is all about building confidence. 

I guess the few projects  are not enough to get a real job. But it is a good starting point.

17. Please tell us why you are interested/not interested in career services.

Because I want to know whether I am on track to what I want to do.

18. Did you learn anything new in the Nanodegree program that changed your view about the field or your career aspirations?

Yes, the thinking in programming language.  Object oriented, detail oriented, concurrent thread, etc. All these concepts are important to open my mind.

19. Collaboration and mentoring are key to success in the workplace. Udacity instructors and your peers helped foster a sense of community in the forums. What lessons will you take from your experience with your cohort if/when you mentor someone in the field?

I don't spend much time in forum because it's not very efficient. 

20. Based on your experience, what tips do you have for students embarking on their Nanodegree journey?

Have a peek what you are going to learn first, then commit your time to learn it. 

Make notes and do quiz. Keep practice. 

Some of the learning materials are from the free courses.  You can use the free courses to build a foundation or get a basic idea.  I guess nanodegree is a highlight to all these sources.