Wednesday, July 6, 2016

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I am trying to compare Markdown and Latex in my last post, and happened to find this guy, Yihui. He is an early pioneer in R and a founder of  online community on statistics

Here are some interesting excerpts:
  • 一是要知道自己爱干啥,不然干啥都累
  • 二是从兴趣中做出一点成果,否则跟人说话苍白无力;
  • 三呢,有自己独立的想法,不要为了出国而出国,人到哪里都是这山望着那山高,外国不一定有想象的那么好,先想清楚要做什么,再想什么地方适合自己(比如我觉得数学伤脑子我就不想去数学气氛太浓的学校

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Best Markdown Editor and Solution

Update on 2017-1-18

After 6 months, I stick to the little software Typora. The best features are immediate feedback, autosave and elegant. To render markdown in blogspot, just copy the source mode and convert it by an Chrome Extension “Markdown here“, which supports MathJax. Everything is nicely done.
By the way, the windows version of typora seems very unstable. Once it died half way and everything I wrote was lost.
In case you are in a public computer, then is the best choice.

Equations in Markdown

try $3n+\sum_2^n{\pi}$ to see whether it supports MathJax.

convert equation to LaTex code

However, remember LaTeX Math Symbols will help you type equation faster.

Write equation in Github Markdown

Sadly, Github flavored Markdown doesn’t support MathJax. The solution is to use some websites to convert it into image, and insert it using ![]() syntax. Such websites include:
how to use: convert-> download -> copy and paste

Write equations in gmail

A chrome extention “Tex for Gmail“ do the job. write equation by the above link and paste.
Note: simple equation is good, complex equation is terrible

MarkDown vs LaTex

MarkDown->html -> scrolling in one page
LaTex->PDF -> printing multiple pages
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