Monday, November 28, 2016

Udacity talk 6, Sebastian

Jobs guarantee for the nano degree?
I believe 10,000 people well trained, can find job in 3-4 months.
self-driving car useful in narrow, curvy road in India?
these cars are very precise.
from scratch or integrate with current technology?
people will lose jobs due to technology?
Human is traditionally defined by our physical strength and agility. It wasn’t our mind. We aren’t trained to be thinkers, were trained to be doers physically. … We have so many intereting jobs and lives.
I learn an important lesson: if you don’ t aim high, you don’t achieve high. You got to try these things. Almost every expert says it can’t be done is wrong in every field.
what do you envision the impact by self-driving car?
save a lot of life. save a lot of parking space. reduce insurance cost…

Udacity talk 3, Jess Lee

Advice for woman to start a career in tech?
foucus on doing amazing work. surround yourself with the best people and learn from them.
more tenacious or aggressive ?
You have to find your own style. (Be yourself.) You have to lean to your own strength. I think as I was figuring out my own leadership style. look at different role models. I found some male leader whose style wasn’t quite right to me… It was ok to sought my personality out or not fit that classic alpha male mode.
advice for younger yourself?
I think I was a little bit discouraged at first and feel like I couldn’t be a leader because I’m a little bit on introverted side, a little bit quirky, weird. I feel I didn’t fit that classic mode and then I figured out I could do it my own way.
be more confident. I wish I’d learned that lesson earlier.
secret sauce for success?
  1. delight your user
  2. do a few things well. focus.
  3. make an impact. At the end of the day, you want to be surround with the people, not only smart and can do the job. but you really love being around. Find a group of people, empower them,that makes the journey much better.
suggest young people to get master or doctoral degree?
From my personal experience, I am really glad I go to industries right after bachelor degree. I think it depends what you want to do. In certain fields or areas…
For the first few years I learn so much. teamwork, clean code, etc. It is always good to accelerate these process.
how do you come out the idea of Polypove?
The early founders were trying to build a house. They have to choose piles, all kinds element matched each other. Then we move to fashion …
The problem is huge, how can a young programmer do?
Some of best programmers, they don’t just think purely about the technical side, they want to actually understand why are we building this? What’s the user want out of it? What’s the business goal?
How to do a side project in a busy life?
If someone could tell me the answer… I can’t do it.
Maybe if you are really excited about it, quit your job and do it full time.
suggest for preparing an interview?
Sometimes if you really want a job, you’re really excited, you go that extra mile, you know the product, research interviews beforehand.