Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Is GcMAF an alternative treatment for cancer?

One of my best friends has cancer and he went to German for alternative treatment which is not yet approved by FDA. I am quite interested in it and tried to understand why it was banned.

A google search of “Goleic” returns very confusing results. Then I learned that Goleic is a product sold by Immuno Biotech, a company located at a small island Guernsey to England. 2015-2-25, Immuno Biotech CEO David Noakes announced that Goleic, licensed as a vitamin supplement in Germany, was allowed into Guernsey. The price is very expensive, 8 doses for 450 Euros.

The wikipedia of GcMAF gave me a better understanding. The scientific foundation of this treatment was first published by a Philadelphia research group led by Nobuto Yamamoto on “Cancer Immunol Immunother” (a low-impact journal) in 2008 July. The title of the paper is Immunotherapy of metastatic colorectal cancer with vitamin D-binding protein-derived macrophage-activating factor, GcMAF. However, this paper and his other two papers were retracted because Inconsistencies and questionable reliability of the publication found by Anticancer Fund

Following are trustworthy critics:
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How do different kinds of white blood cell fight cancer? Good cop, bad cop: the immune system and breast cancer spread

纪小龙医生 : 1 人体有500-600左右的癌症种类,分布全身每个角落,每一个癌都有各自的不同特征,所以,至今没有一个“万能”的发现早期癌的方法,只能针对人体常见的排在前面的10个癌采取相应的早期发现的办法,比如,胃癌只能用胃镜检查,肺癌只能用CT检查等。 2 最佳预防是定期体检。


方舟子 : 经常有人说吃某种东西(例如吃大蒜)能预防癌症,但是这些都只是初步的研究,不要轻信。要预防癌症,更重要的是不吃什么,避免摄入含强致癌物的食物,例如避免发霉食品,少吃油炸、烧烤、腌制食品。

I never trust traditional Chinese medical which is full of rumor. But sadly, today I found similar rumor happens in American: