Sunday, November 13, 2016

Udacity talk2, Astro Teller

2016-6-6, Astro Teller, CEO of google X
Teller: The project that you’re working on it either has an Achilles heel, something that dooms it to failure or it doesn’t. Would you like to find out about that sooner or should we put off discovering later. Sooner. We should run our hardest part first.
So let’s celebrate the act of doing that independent of what the answer is. Great scientist celebrate the process of asking great questions and getting well-formed answers. they don’t celebrate success. That’s the wrong thing to celebrate. that doesn’t move science forward.
If you lost all the tools and software, but everything was in your heads. you only need 5~10% percent of time to rebuild from scratch…. So the entire process of innovation is the process of learning, and how to make that as efficient as possible.
Let’s celebrate the 95%. The 5% is easy. Any one can do that.
S: How do you pick engineers in X
T: People has to think differently, who come from different backgrounds and this isn’t some surface level excuse for having ethnic diversity or gender diversity. What really crave is this mental diversity.
There’s no question that someone who has that deep technical knowledge but fundamentally is a maker who has a deep excitement about trying to make hard interesting complex things. That’s the kind of person who’s going to fit X.
It’s not how well he can sell it. It’s how he can embrace the weirdness.
T: How do you pick ideas in the moonshot?
S: exclude ideas like: violates the physical law ; no business behind it (so not likely to scale, and unlikely help the world in a big way), did smart people try this before? (are we smarter than others)
The world has no obligation to include you, and no reason to exclude you.
train yourself up
If I were starting over from the beginning right now I would find the most exciting place I could find and I would offer to do anything there.
I’ll start however low I need to, so you can build confidence.
I encourage people to start a new career at least once a decade. because at some point you get a little stale in whatever career. Some of the innovation comes from you don’t know the rule.
I am worried about extending the life of body without extending the life of our minds
S: will AI control human?
T: If you are AI, why would you want to take over the world? Frankly, I think we should be more worried that AI will grow up to be smart enough, that it will notice that the things in this world who are really good are the dogs and the cats they get to lie around all day, do nothing and take care of us. If you are smart enough, would you really want to do all the work or do basically pawn it off on us.
why no one worry that? because it’s not fun to worry about that.
S: last piece of advice
T: live without fear. If you make choices based on all of the bad things that could happen and spend your time thinking about what you can lose, you won’t get most of what you want. If you embrace life with passion and without fear, he won’t always go perfectly, like you and me. But live without fear is a fairly magical choice to make

7 programming languages to say "Hello World"


public class Hello
  public static void main(String args[])
    String s = "Hello world!";


#include <string>
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main()
  string s("Hello world!");  // use library string
  char s1[]="Hello world!";  // use base library
  return 0;


s = "Hello world!"
print s  # python 2.x
print(s) # python 3.x


<!DOCTYPE html>
        <meta charset="utf-8">
        "Hello world!"


  $s= "Hello wolrd!"; 
  echo $s;


var s=“Hello World!”;


var s="Hello world" // inferred typing
var s1: Character = "Hello world" //explicit typing